Free Books and Papers

North America - Japan Workshop on the Geotechnical Aspects of the Kobe, Lome
Prieta and Northridge Earthquakes, Report to National Science Foundation, Air
Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Japanese Geotechnical Society,
Osaka, Japan, 22-24 January 1996. Available by GEES.

H. Bolton Seed and Robert V. Whitman (1970), Design of Earth Retaining
Structures for Dynamic Loads. Available by the NISEE library. Keep in mind that
Professor Whitman wrote a correction to this paper in 1990.

Bray, J. D (2001). "Developing Mitigation Measures for the Hazards Associated
with Earthquake Surface Fault Rupture," in A Workshop on Seismic Fault-Induced
Failures  Possible Remedies for Damage to Urban Facilities, Research Project
2000 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (No. 12355020), Japan Society for the
Promotion of Science, Workshop Leader, Kazuo Konagai, University of Tokyo,
Japan, pp. 55-79, January 11-12, 2001. Available by the Geoengineer Website.

NISEE-2000-01, Introduction to Earthquake Engineering, by V. V. Bertero,
available by the NISEE website.

"Seismic compression of as-compacted fill soils with variable level of fines content
and fines plasticity", J. P. Stewart, D. H. Whang, M. Moyneur and P. Duku
(CUREE Publication No. EDA-05)

Centrifuge testing reports from the UC Davis Center of Geotechnical Modelling

Educational Resources

The elastic rebound theory. What it is, and a really interesting animation. Also,
from the USGS site a photo of the deformation of a fence during the 1906, San
Andreas Earthquake.

Earthquake effects & experiences, FAQ,  published by the USGS. All the basics,
and a good reference.

How earthquakes work. An article on the causes and the effects of the
earthquakes. Very good for those who want to learn the basics

"Dynamics, Vibration & Earthquakes Teaching Pages" ,
This web site is aimed at teaching from basics, the theory behind earthquakes,
vibrations and how buildings are designed to withstand them.  

"Modeling a tsunami generated by the Tokachi-Oki earthquake of Mw 8.3
[03/09/26]", by the Disaster Control Research Center (DCRC), Tohoku Univ. and
Shunichi Koshimura (Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Inst.)

"Soil Dynamics", Arnold Verrnijt (Delft University of Technology, 1994, 2005)
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