Free Books and Papers

DMG Special Publication 117: Guidelines for Analyzing and Mitigating Landslide
Hazards in California . The publication is available for free by the Southern
California Earthquake Center. The link was suggested by Robb Eric S. Moss.
We thank him for his support.

A numerical model for estimating seismic displacements of reinforced steep
slopes.Master Thesis of Sarah B. Paulsen under the supervision of Professor S.
Kramer, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Washington. Available
by Professor Kramer's website.

Educational Resources

Inventory of landslides triggered by the 1994 Northridge, California
Earthquake, by Edwin L. Harp and Randall W. Jibson, USGS.
The Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Portal is hosted by the Geoengineer Website.

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