Educational Resources

Dr. Norman Abrahamson's talk, "Incorporating Effects of Near Fault Tectonic
Deformation into Design Ground Motions". The presentation is hosted by the
University at Buffalo Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Student Chapter
(UB-EERI), and provides the opportunity to listen to the speaker and see the
powerpoint at the same time. An excellent application of the internet in

Resources - Data

PEER Strong Motion Database for Engineering applications. A very good
database based on the work of Dr. Walt Silva, with more than 1500 records from
143 earthquake events. A very useful resource for any earthquake engineer.

European Strong Motion Data. Data from the Collaboration of Imperial College of
Science, Technology and Medicine, (United Kingdom), Institute of Engineering
Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, (Greece), University of Iceland,
Reykjavik, University of Trieste, (Italy).

Douglas J., (2001), "A comprehensive worldwide summary of strong-motion
attenuation relationships for peak ground acceleration and spectral ordinates
(1969 to 2000)",  ESEE Report No. 01-1

Douglas J., (2004), "Ground motion estimation equations 1964-2003", Report
No. 04-001-SM, Imperial College, London
Consortium of Organizations for Strong Motion Observation Systems (COSMOS)

Free Books, Papers and Reports

Ground Motion Evaluation Procedures for Performance - Based Design,
     J. P. Stewart, S. Chiou, J. D. Bray, R. W. Graves,  P. G. Somerville and N. A.
     Abrahamson  (Available by

An excellent resource of papers on Ground motion , available by Stanford

Vanmarcke E.H., Heredia-Zavoni E. and Fenton G. A., "Conditional Simulation of
Spatially Correlated Earthquake Ground Motion", available by Dr. Fenotn's web-

Criteria for Seismic Ground Motions for Essential Structures, J. M. Ferritto,
Technical Report TR-2076-SHR, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, June

Silva W., Gregor N. and Darragh R., (2003), "Development of Regional Hard Rock
Attenuation Relations for Central and Eastern North America, Mid-Continent and
Gulf Coast Areas", available by Pacific Engineering and Analysis
  where you can find more, very interesting papers and reports.

Leyendecker E. V., Frankel A. D. and Harmsen S. C., "Earthquake ground motion
for use in design in the United States", USGS

Heuze F. et al., (2004), "Estimating site-specific strong earthquake motions", Soil
Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 24, pp. 199-223

Romero S. M. and Rix G. J., (2001), "Ground motion amplification of soils in the
upper Mississippi Embayment", Report No. GIT-CEE/GEO-01-1, Georgia Institute
of Technology, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ground Motions and Attenuation Relationships
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