Geotechnical Engineering Photo Album: This site provides a collection of
photographs covering a range of topics of interest to geotechnical engineering
students, researchers and practicioners and serves as a complement to
available textbooks on Geotechnical Engineering. NEW

Earthquake Image Information System (EQIIS) Use key words to find photos in
earthquake engineering, University of California

Exposure of the Genoa fault , available by the Geoengineer website

Earthquake Image Archives: This site belongs to the Soil Mechanics Laboratory
of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. It provides a lot of photos from various
earthquakes such as, 2001 Geiyo (Hiroshima, Akinada) Earthquake, Japan
[only TV images] ,2000 Tottoriken-Seibu (Tottori) Earthquake, Japan [344
photos], 1999 Chi-Chi (Ji-Ji) Earthquake, Taiwan [528 photos], 1995 Hyogoken-
Nanbu (Kobe, Hanshin-Awaji) Earthquake, Japan [268 photos], 1994 Sanriku-
Harukaoki Earthquake, Japan [127 photos], 1994 Mindoro Earthquake,
Philippines [68 photos], 1992 Erzincan Earthquake, Turkey [303 photos]

Hayward fault deformation: Berkeley Memorial Stadium damage , available by
the Geoengineer website

Hayward fault deformation: Migration of Hamilton Creek, available by the
Geoengineer website

Structures on top of the Hayward fault trace, available by the Geoengineer

Road deformation due to Hayward fault creep, available by the Geoengineer

The Managua, December 23, 1972 earthquake photo gallery at the Nicaraguan
Institute for Territorial Studies website

Hokkaido earthquake, Japan, September 26, 2003:    
       photographs by Hokkaido government and
photographs by Hokkaido newspaper

The Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Portal is hosted by the Geoengineer Website.

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